Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Baby Hummingbirds

Baby Hummingbirds

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I spent a couple of weeks in Arizona in April. The palm tree in my daughter's front yard was the perfect place for this hummingbird to made her nest. The nest is only about two inches in diameter. She lined the nest with her softest feathers for the two little eggs. They look large in this picture, but remember that the inside of the nest is only about an inch and a half across.

   The eggs began to hatch on Saturday before Easter.  You can see the egg being cracked. This was so exciting. 

The baby chick was so very tiny.

      I had to be very careful because I  did not want the mother bird to get upset with me taking close up pictures with my phone. 

     Both eggs hatched and the two chicks were constantly tended by the mother bird.

     Day by day the baby birds grew quickly.

         It was so much fun to go out each day to check on the chicks, an unbelievable teaching moment.  My granddaughter had as much fun as I did.  Every morning she would say, " See hummingbirds!"  It was very difficult, but  I had to come home to Michigan. 
         I'm sure the mother bird will take very good care of her chicks without me checking on them every day.  They will soon fly off to check out all the flowering bushes in Arizona.

         Happy Spring!

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Felt Food

Felt Food!

            I have been looking at all the posts on Pinterest concerning everyone making felt food. It looked so appealing and didn't seem that hard to make, so I thought I would give it a try.  My granddaughters have play kitchen sets, so this would be the perfect addition to their dramatic play.

                  I started out with cookies.  Round pieces of felt sewn to look like sandwich cookies were so simple to do. Adding a little bit of hand stitching to one side made it look like a frosting design on top.  I was able to work on these on the airplane or in the car when traveling.  The chocolate chip cookies were also fun and easy. Little brown, round circles stitched to the large top circle was quick to do. Some tiny chocolate chips were created with French knots instead of felt circles. Then the top and bottom were stitched together.

            Pasta was a quick and easy food to make.  My pinking shears came in handy when making the ravioli and bow tie pasta. I stuffed the ravioli with little bits if left over felt from cutting the cookies. These went together in no time at all. Very easy for a beginner sewer.

         Fruits and Vegetables were other food groups that I decided to work on.
The strawberries were also fun and easy. A half circle of red felt and a few stitches of tan embroidery floss made the strawberry come together quickly. A little green star shaped piece of felt was sewn on the top for the leaves and stem.
         The corn and carrot are made with the same basic shape. When working on the corn I machine stitched the felt in a checker board pattern to make the kernels of corn. The side seam was sewn next. Then the top and bottom were gathered to finish each piece. A piece of cream colored felt was sewn on one end of the cob to make the flat end. Green felt was added to the carrot for the leaves.

        All the fixings for a sandwich would be a good addition to the felt food collection. Making the bread was a little more tricky than I thought.  It didn't turn out as well as I would have wanted. But once you put all the pieces together, it will pass for a pretend sandwich. The cheese slices were just pieces of felt.  You can't get any easier than that!

        Egg and toast is all you need for breakfast. 

        I just had to make some desserts! Donuts and ice cream of course!          A kitchen would not be complete without dessert! These were so much fun to make.  I smiled the entire time working on them.

        I know that my felt food doesn't meet the standards of the food you might find on Etsy, but I hope my granddaughters will enjoy playing with their assortment of felt goodies for years to come. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


                                          This is my daughter's puppy, Barkley, a little Yorkie. He is very lovable and loves to snuggle in for a nap.

                                            What more can I say?

                                            Enjoy your day.  He is.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Animal Bed Tins

                Left over felt and mint tins are a good combination for a little summer project.  In a few weeks our family will be getting together for a week long summer vacation.  I told my nieces that we would do some craft projects.  I thought that these might be a good jumping off place to get us started. Some years have been so very nice Up North in Michigan, but some have been cold and rainy.  You have to prepare for both.
       So, I made these little animals that the kids could play with. Possibly the older girls might make more for themselves. Basically, an egg or oval shape for the body and some small scraps of felt for the arms, legs, and ears.

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I gave this penguin a fish.

          I started out sewing them by hand.  The little brown bear is hand sewn,  All the others are mostly done on my sewing machine. 
       Here they are tucked into their little beds. They each have a tiny pillow, sheet, and blanket made from felt scraps.


Brown Bear

Wise Old Owl

Of course the bunny needed a carrot!

   My nieces and nephews enjoyed playing with their new little friends. Tucking them into bed each night was a great way to end a busy day while on vacation.

 I saw this idea, Bedtime and Picnic Playset  on www.jenimadeit.com

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Flowers Quite Book

       During the past year  I have started to make quiet books for my granddaughters.  I have looked at many different styles and techniques on Pinterest to gather my ideas.  In the process, I have tried to put my own spin on the quiet books that I have made. 

     This page, as you can see is in progress.  Very narrow green ribbon was used for the flower stems and felt was used for the leaves.  I color coordinated the botton centers with the different colored petals.  Though I'm  not sure whether the girls will keep them that way or not as they play with the books.

      My granddaughter was about 18 months when she received the book.  She liked unbuttoning the flowers and matching the colors.
        If you notice, below the book, there is a purple watering can with light blue yarn for water.  This is attached with a ribbon.  She enjoyed watering the flowers and making a a water sound.

              A  rainbow page is also part of this book.   As we all know, " April showers bring May flowers". Beads were used to make the rainbow with a cloud in two of the corners.  The sun is shining with yellow and sparkle gold ribbon sun rays. This page is on a light blue material with darker blue spots.  It reminded me of a light April shower. 

          I tried to make the pages interactive as much as possible to keep interest flowing.  Some people make their quiet books with numerous pages.  I have kept my books to a simple theme. So there is a front cover, two inside pages, and a back cover.  They are not too bulky and measure 9 x 11 inches.

         As you can tell, I am in the beginning stages of quiet book making and have so much to learn.  My hope is that the girls will enjoy my creations as much as I have loved making them.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

End of the year note

I'll Miss You!           

  Each year I have given a letter or note to each of my students.  My wonderful friend and 1st grade teacher, Emily, has helped me whenever my technology skills were lacking. With my idea in mind, I headed off to Emily's room after school.  As always, Emily dropped what she was doing to help me out.  We sat at her desk and she listened to my thoughts. This is what we came up with.

          I personalized each one for my homeroom students.

        My inspiration came from something I found on Pinterest.  Miss DeCarbo from Second Grade Sugar and Spice.

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       Enjoy your summer!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Felt Nativity with Finger Puppets

Nativity Play Scene

     It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!

      I decided to make felt Nativity scenes for my granddaughters to play with. They needed something unbreakable and quiet to interact with for a quiet play activity.  The Bible story of Mary and Joseph coming to a simple stable for the birth of Jesus was the perfect setting for this felt play set. Nothing too fancy, just the basics.

      Making the finger puppets a was  the beginning of the project. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus were the first to be made.  Two of each were stitched from small scraps of felt and embroidery floss. Mary is about 3 1/4 inches tall and Joseph is about 3 3/4 inches. Each is about 1 3/4 inches wide. 

       A small brown manger with hay has a pocket for the Baby Jesus to sleep peacefully. The manger is attached to a pocket in the stable. With this pocket,  Mary and Joseph are able stand in front of or behind the manger to watch over their new born child.

     The Three Kings are different heights in the same range as Mary and Joseph.  They are each carrying a different shiny gift. 

      This Nativity scene would not be complete without a donkey. Mary rode the donkey's back on the long journey to Bethlehem. We all remember the "Little Drummer Boy" song during the Christmas holidays. A little drummer boy finger puppet was added so the girls could sing a song when they play.

       A smiling angel is always around to protect and watch over the Christ Child. You can see the angel standing behind the manger. The angel is able to watch over the Holy Family in a small pocket near the star on the top of the stable. The star will guide the Three Kings or Wise men to see the New Born King.

   The play scene has plastic canvas in between the inside and outside. This plastic sheet gives the felt strength and helps the Nativity play scene to stand up on its own. Felt pockets are secured to the insides of each panel. The pockets are designed to hold the finger puppets in place when the scene is closed after play. 

       As you can see, the " tan colored ground" folds up into the play scene. The two sides fold in and are secured with velcro. A handle made of green grow grain ribbon was stitched on so that this play set can be easily carried by a young child.

      I hope this Nativity Play Scene will give you the incentive to make something like this for a young child that you know and love.