Thursday, October 29, 2015


         My 5th graders have been working on a unit of study concerning Native Americans in several different locations of the United States and North America.  The Plains Indians was a favorite of the girls in my class.  Several of my girls decided to construct a miniature tepee or two while out on the playground during recess.  They were very excited to tell me all about the structure that they built.   After lunch, I took my homeroom back out on the playground to see for ourselves.

    The tepees were set up along the exterior of the fence of our play structure.  If you didn't know they were there, you would just walk on by.  

     After a few days, more miniature tepees were constructed.   The girls knew that the early American people made their homes from the resources that were available.  That is exactly what my students had done. 

    We had a tepee in our classroom.  Three students are able to sit in the tepee at one time. 

      I'll keep you posted on any new structures in our tepee village. Hopefully there will be more pictures to come.

    Great job girls! 

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