Saturday, April 8, 2017

A little bird told me...


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       The fifth and second graders share the first floor of our school.   We are getting ready to celebrate Catholic Schools Week beginning Sunday, January 31.  A joint hallway display, with the 2nd and 5th graders, would be fun to do.  We had a bulletin board tree on the wall, so we had a good base for our project.

A little bird told me....   
.....St. Michael Catholic School is GREAT!  Became the fifth grade theme.   Each 5th grader  got a little bird to design and write a comment about their impression of our school.

    We needed something underneath the tree.  So the second graders  colored and wrote a message on acorns. 
 A cute little squirrel says, " We are NUTS about St. Michael School!"  The 2nd graders thought the talking squirrel was so funny.

       I was impressed this week by how many children stopped to read the little messages written by our students.  We have an OPEN HOUSE for the public on Sunday, January 30 and a spaghetti dinner and open house for our school families on Thursday.  Hopefully many more people will take some time to stop and read our children's thoughts about St. Michael Catholic School, too.
     Happy Catholic Schools Week! 

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