Saturday, July 29, 2017

Moose Finger Puppet

           This summer a moose crept into my life. 

           My granddaughter came to visit.  Before she arrived, I had gone to the library. Our library has a Used Book Cellar.  Of course it is down in the basement of the public library, hence the name.  I found the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" by Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond. The book was in perfect condition with the dust cover without a wrinkle or tear. I picked it up for one dollar.  I couldn't resist!

            This cute story quickly became a bedtime favorite. We read it together over and over enjoying the story and pictures. The illustrations are so very inviting.  They tell the story so well. Even small children are able to retell the story in there own words from the illustrations.

            The summer then lead us "up north" in Michigan for a short vacation. 
Michigan is known for Kilwins Chocolate Candy and Fudge.   We took a walk in the small town of Harbor Springs one night after dinner.  We ran into a very friendly moose!

            The moose was standing in front of Kilwins to welcome all the passers- by.  My granddaughter was amazed by this moose!  Had the book come alive just for her?  They do look similar.  The two  danced and teased each other for the longest time. 

            Well on the way home in the car, I decided that a MOOSE finger puppet needed to be made. I always carry my small box of felt and embroidery floss with me when I travel, just in case I get an inspiration for a felt finger puppet.
Here is my Moose.  He is kind of cute, in a "goofy and outdoorsy" sort of way. I tried to capture the silly moose my granddaughter had encountered this summer in Michigan.  As you can see I took this picture in the car.

          Finger puppets can be a fantastic manipulative for young children. They are easy to handle and do not take up much space.  These travel well and are great for quiet activities. Felt is quite durable, inexpensive, and easy to work with. Even a beginner can stitch up a finger puppet. 

          You can see my "Five Little Monkeys" finger puppets at the link below. 

          I store my finger puppets that are made in little Altoid tins. The lids closes tightly for safe keeping. A small piece of felt is glued onto the cover of the tin with tacky glue.  Each tin has a different color felt on the lid. The child knows by color which finger puppets  are stored in each tin.

          So, the moral of the story is, if you happen to run into a moose some day keep an open mind.  You might enjoy the journey I did!

      Please leave a comment if you have a spare minute, I'd love to hear from you.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Felt Food

Felt Food!

            I have been looking at all the posts on Pinterest concerning everyone making felt food. It looked so appealing and didn't seem that hard to make, so I thought I would give it a try.  My granddaughters have play kitchen sets, so this would be the perfect addition to their dramatic play.

                  I started out with cookies.  Round pieces of felt sewn to look like sandwich cookies were so simple to do. Adding a little bit of hand stitching to one side made it look like a frosting design on top.  I was able to work on these on the airplane or in the car when traveling.  The chocolate chip cookies were also fun and easy. Little brown, round circles stitched to the large top circle was quick to do. Some tiny chocolate chips were created with French knots instead of felt circles. Then the top and bottom were stitched together.

            Pasta was a quick and easy food to make.  My pinking shears came in handy when making the ravioli and bow tie pasta. I stuffed the ravioli with little bits if left over felt from cutting the cookies. These went together in no time at all. Very easy for a beginner sewer.

         Fruits and Vegetables were other food groups that I decided to work on.
The strawberries were also fun and easy. A half circle of red felt and a few stitches of tan embroidery floss made the strawberry come together quickly. A little green star shaped piece of felt was sewn on the top for the leaves and stem.
         The corn and carrot are made with the same basic shape. When working on the corn I machine stitched the felt in a checker board pattern to make the kernels of corn. The side seam was sewn next. Then the top and bottom were gathered to finish each piece. A piece of cream colored felt was sewn on one end of the cob to make the flat end. Green felt was added to the carrot for the leaves.

        All the fixings for a sandwich would be a good addition to the felt food collection. Making the bread was a little more tricky than I thought.  It didn't turn out as well as I would have wanted. But once you put all the pieces together, it will pass for a pretend sandwich. The cheese slices were just pieces of felt.  You can't get any easier than that!

        Egg and toast is all you need for breakfast. 

        I just had to make some desserts! Donuts and ice cream of course!          A kitchen would not be complete without dessert! These were so much fun to make.  I smiled the entire time working on them.

        I know that my felt food doesn't meet the standards of the food you might find on Etsy, but I hope my granddaughters will enjoy playing with their assortment of felt goodies for years to come.