Monday, March 7, 2016

Southern Colonies Flip Chart

                  FLIP CHARTS are your friends!

        My 5th graders enjoy making flip charts to sum up information. They add illustrations to help remember specific information.
      To wrap up the Southern Colonies a flip chart was perfect. 

         Each student received a sheet that had this information for the Southern Colonies. The paper was flipped over to the blank side and folded in half.  The flaps were opened and then each was folded into the middle fold.

     This is the outside of the flip chart decorated and glued onto a piece of loose leaf paper.

  The inside of the paper was divided into four sections. Then the section for the Carolinas was divided in half.

    The students wrote the name of each colony in the correct section to match the outer flaps.  The following information was added by the students.
Founder, Reason for  founding,  Economy, and Geography.
    I let the kids go to it. I am always very impressed with their work.


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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Salt and Light

     "We are the Salt of the Earth and Light for the world".  Matthew 5: 13- 16

       The students made these banners to hang in the hallway after we discussed what it means to be the 
"Salt of the Earth and a Light for the World"

       Pope Francis has named 2016 a Jubilee Year of Mercy.

    After finishing the coloring of the letters, each child signed the banner as a visual reminder to be Salt and Light

          The 4th graders worked on these light bulbs and salt shakers to show how they can be salt and light for the world.