Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jamestown ideas

         Jamestown and Roanoke
Part of the 5th grade curriculum is learning about Jamestown.  I gave my students several activities in order to focus on Jamestown.  
         Before the kids had a quiz on Roanoke and Jamestown, they made a "What I know about..." flip chart in order to organize their information.  Here is a close up of the images for the two flaps. I love to have my students make flip charts as study aids.  5th graders still need hands on activities.  The kids like the action of opening and closing the flaps while studying.

      This is the outside of the Roanoke and Jamestown flip chart.
            The students then organized what they knew about each colony and wrote the information under the correct flap.  As expected, some students wrote more and some wrote less. 
          After the flip charts were finished,  the students passed their flip chart to a partner.  Each child would read the information the their classmates had written.  The review became more beneficial because they were constantly reading different information and also reviewing the same information worded differently.

I was very pleased on how this activity helped my students on their Roanoke and Jamestown quiz.
  The students worked in groups of three to label and color the Jamestown fort. Much discussion went on during the process. 


      The lastly, the students chose one of three writing activities about the Jamestown colony. 

1.  You were a settler of Jamestown and wrote a post card to a family member that you left in England.  Postcards always have a picture on the back, so design an illustration of Jamestown on the reverse side of the post card.

2. You were a settler of Jamestown and wrote a letter to Captain John Smith stating how you felt about his leadership abilities and his rule for work in Jamestown.

3.  You were a settler of Jamestown and voiced your opinion if life was easy or difficult for you.  Would you stay in Jamestown or decide to return to England?

      It is great to make your students feel empowered in their learning.  Giving them choices is one way to do this.  Some of us are better writers and others are better using their artistic creativity. These activities can be altered for diffferent ability levels in your classroom.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Flowers Quite Book

       During the past year  I have started to make quiet books for my granddaughters.  I have looked at many different styles and techniques on Pinterest to gather my ideas.  In the process, I have tried to put my own spin on the quiet books that I have made. 

     This page, as you can see is in progress.  Very narrow green ribbon was used for the flower stems and felt was used for the leaves.  I color coordinated the botton centers with the different colored petals.  Though I'm  not sure whether the girls will keep them that way or not as they play with the books.

      My granddaughter was about 18 months when she received the book.  She liked unbuttoning the flowers and matching the colors.
        If you notice, below the book, there is a purple watering can with light blue yarn for water.  This is attached with a ribbon.  She enjoyed watering the flowers and making a a water sound.

              A  rainbow page is also part of this book.   As we all know, " April showers bring May flowers". Beads were used to make the rainbow with a cloud in two of the corners.  The sun is shining with yellow and sparkle gold ribbon sun rays. This page is on a light blue material with darker blue spots.  It reminded me of a light April shower. 

          I tried to make the pages interactive as much as possible to keep interest flowing.  Some people make their quiet books with numerous pages.  I have kept my books to a simple theme. So there is a front cover, two inside pages, and a back cover.  They are not too bulky and measure 9 x 11 inches.

         As you can tell, I am in the beginning stages of quiet book making and have so much to learn.  My hope is that the girls will enjoy my creations as much as I have loved making them.

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       Enjoy this beautiful day and your life.



Friday, May 19, 2017

Skype Field Trip- Boston Tea Party

           As part of the 5th grade curriculum we study the events that lead up to the American RevolutionWe wanted to take our classes to Boston for the day.  The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum was the perfect place to go.  Of course living in Michigan, the cost would be prohibitive to take all 91 students to Boston for a field trip.  A skype field trip with Boston Tea Party and Ships Museum would be a perfect choice.
        All of our 5th graders dressed in colonial outfits in order to feel like they were part of the Tea Party. Students got a chance to interact with the historians in Boston. Each student played the part of a historical person who took part in the town meeting at the Old South Meeting House on December 16, 1773.

Two of the Sons of Liberty

    As you can see, the students could individually talk to the presenter in Boston while the rest of the class could watch on the large screen. The museum sent us scripts for the students. This young man is holding his script.  In this way, when the historical person is called on to speak at the "meeting in Boston" each student responds as the person in history would have responded.
           Some students dressed in a more casual style of the typical colonial man, while others chose a outfit to represent a wealthier Bostonian citizen. As you can see in the following pictures, all citizens of Boston were represented. 
        Of course, there had to be refreshments.  All of our colonists drank tea and eat short bread cookies.

 Gentlemen from Boston gathered to discuss the events that took place in Boston.

         A large group of colonists, ladies and gentlemen, gathered under the Liberty Tree after the skype.

The Sons of Liberty were very excited that day, planning to dump the tea into Boston Harbor.  Huzzah!

    Do you have your students wear costumes on a special day?
   Do you have any skype field trips with your class or school?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5th Grade boys are weavers, too!

              I would like to feature  my 5th grade boys in this blog. 
Several of my boys worked together during their free time on the Fisher Price loom. 

          This Fisher Price loom is an "oldie but goodie".  I found it at a garage sale about 25 years ago.  My own children used it at home and then I took it to school. The kids really enjoy weaving.

         As you can see the these young men are experimenting with different weaving patterns and thicknesses of yarn.  As you can see, these three boys had become an excellent team!
If you look at the very top of their weaving you will even see a striped pattern.  The pattern has two colors, light blue and a darker blue. They also figured out how to make a checkerboard design!░░
Great work, men!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring in Michigan

Spring in Michigan

      Spring in Michigan is so lovely. Sure, it can be rainy and cold. But it always gives us something beautiful if we wait long enough.  

        I was away for a good part of April and this is what I came home to see. Yellow and white daffodils and narcissus stand so tall and wave in the breeze.

  My red bud tree has never looked this striking and full of color. My husband trimmed it back last year. 

  We have hundreds and hundreds of these grape hyacinths in the yard.  They multiply like crazy. I love to look out and see all the bright colors against the green grass.  There are a few dandelions popping up.  I guess I'll have to get out the weed killer soon.

       Spring is the most wonderful time of the year. If you have a few minutes, go back a few posts. You can see the baby hummingbirds that I had the privilege to watch hatch while I was away.  The mother hummingbird took time to feed on the flowers in Arizona, and I had some time to take pictures of the babies. 

Happy Spring to all!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boston Tea Party Chest

       Last week my students discussed the Boston Tea Party.  We read from our text book, watched a short video clip, and took notes.  I also needed a prop. This tiny chest was perfect!  It is only about 2 X 3 inches. It has a little clasp and hinges on the back. 

      I cut open a tea bag and poured the loose tea into the chest.

        My 5th graders enjoy the props that I have on my desk.

                               Do you use props in your room?

      We will have a Skype field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum in Boston. The kids all dress up in their colonial outfits for the day. We get to partake in a discussion about the fairness of the tax on tea in the Colonies.  Each student portrays a historical person from Boston at the time.   The Liberty Kids episode on the "Boston Tea Party" is shown while the 5th graders are drinking tea and munching on cookies.  

     Of course there is a story behind the little chest... During Advent, the women of our parish get together for a night of reflection, dinner, and socializing.  Each table has a different theme. My good friend Ellen, who by the way I share a birthday with, helped with our table decorations.  She made these cute little chests which had  candy treats inside.  It has been on my desk all winter.  Once in a while, at the end of a hard day, I would treat myself to a piece of candy.  I realized that it would make a prefect prop to teach about the Boston Tea Party.  I believe Ellen picked these little wooden boxes up at Michael's or JoAnn's.
     Thanks Ellen,  I can always count on you! 

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