Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boston Tea Party Notes

              Each spring the Boston Tea Party is part of the 5th grade curriculum in Social Studies.  I was looking on Pinterest and found some interesting ideas.
 This anchor chart is so wonderful with great information. I knew I could use this with my students.   Pinterest stated it was "saved by Katie Shaw- Boston Tea Party Cause and Effect Anchor Chart American Revolution 5th Grade Social Studies."

         I like to have my students take notes and keep them in a Social Studies duo-tang. So I made a worksheet from this anchor chart. So I changed it to fit the needs of my class. 

     I like to have my students add color to their notes when they are reviewing their notes for homework.  This way I know that they did look at their notes because they have to color them.  

        This is what the blank note sheet looks like.

        I also saw another anchor chart on the Boston Tea Party.  This one is from Miss Mills Blog.   I was so impressed.  I knew I could use this in my own class.


      I did take the liberty of making this into a sheet of notes for my students to fill in and keep in their dou-tang for safe keeping.

      I would like to thank these two wonderful ladies for putting their ideas out there for all the rest of us to see.  I also hope that I have done justice to their ideas by adding my own spin. 

      We will be participating in a SKYPE field trip with Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum very soon.   So these notes will be so very useful to my students.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Explorer Diorama

     I really like making dioramas with my 5th graders. Sorry, it is a little fuzzy. This one uses a single sheet of paper.  Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the solid line to form the diorama.

     I drew a sailing ship, cut on the solid line, wrote the information, folded the paper, glued and done. These are VERY basic instructions, but I'm sure you will be able to whip this one up in no time.
       I always give my students the opportunity to choose from a list of topics when working on an in class project like this. It gives your students a sense of control over their learning. Of course, you, the teacher has ultimate control of their topic selection if you have limited the scope of topics from which to choose.

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   I hope this idea can be used in your class in some way this year or in the future.
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Toothbrush for teething

        My granddaughter is teething and chewing her fingers and hands.  Nothing seemed to soothe her pain. She didn't want any teething toys.  So gave her  her toothbrush. My daughter put on the Elmo video that says , "Brushy, brush, brush."
She started brushing far back in her mouth where her new teeth are coming in.

   It worked like a charm,  some relief for a little while.

I hope this works for your little one, too.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Little Love Monsters

       My friend, Dawn, a second grade teacher put up these darling little 
          LOVE MONSTERS.


 Her second graders each designed one and wrote a short story. Each one is cuter than the next.  I couldn't resist taking pictures to share with everyone. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Enjoy a beautiful day. Beti

Monday, February 6, 2017

Undersea Artwork

                Today I wanted to spotlight my niece's artwork.  Their school district had an Art Show which highlighted the work of budding artists. My sister-in-law sent me this picture and I was so impressed. I love all the colors and textures of the underwater plants she added. It really makes the colors pop against the white background.

          Keep up the great work!  Looking forward to seeing this artistic young lady again this summer.  I'm sure we'll have fun at the beach!
          HAPPY DAY to every!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Action Figures

              A fun way to get your students to be able to draw a person, not a stick figure, is using personal action poses. Hopefully you have seen a wood artist model. I took this idea and converted it to paper. 

     I hand this sheet out to my students.  They cut out each individual  piece. Then the pieces are reassembled to form a body in different action positions. Make sure the students leave the outline of each piece when cutting.
After the pieces are assembled, they are glued to a sheet of copy paper.  Next a clean sheet of copy paper is stapled on top.  This way the student can see the figure through the paper.  An outline of the entire figure is drawn and clothing is added.

You can see that this student was a cheerleader.
This one is hard to see because the child trimmed the pieces very close to the lines.
Love the action.
       This is a project that the students can personally identify with.  As a teacher, you can see deeper into your student's personality.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Multiplication Games

        I am so excited about the SQUARES games that were freebies from TPT!  They came from Games-4-Gains.  The first one was MULTIPLICATION SQUARES.  

 The kiddos in my 5th grade homeroom went wild playing it.  Any extra few minutes during the day, my students ask for the dice and play with their classmates.  

      This freebie was offered a couple of weeks ago.  I always snatch up a freebie when I get the chance.  This one was a real winner!
       This week they offered another SQUARES game.  This time it was, wait for it..... 

 I could hardly wait to download it and have my kids start playing.  I'll have to wait for my Math teaching partner to introduce the lesson. (Maybe I'll give a mini lesson during a study hall for those who want to learn).  Don't tell anyone that the Religion and Social Studies teacher is teaching Math on the sly.  I'm sure my kids would love it.  

You should check out Games-4-Gains to see everything they have.
Thanks Brittney for these great games!

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Enjoy February.  March is on its way!  
In Michigan we know what that means.
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