Sunday, February 5, 2017

Action Figures

              A fun way to get your students to be able to draw a person, not a stick figure, is using personal action poses. Hopefully you have seen a wood artist model. I took this idea and converted it to paper. 

     I hand this sheet out to my students.  They cut out each individual  piece. Then the pieces are reassembled to form a body in different action positions. Make sure the students leave the outline of each piece when cutting.
After the pieces are assembled, they are glued to a sheet of copy paper.  Next a clean sheet of copy paper is stapled on top.  This way the student can see the figure through the paper.  An outline of the entire figure is drawn and clothing is added.

You can see that this student was a cheerleader.
This one is hard to see because the child trimmed the pieces very close to the lines.
Love the action.
       This is a project that the students can personally identify with.  As a teacher, you can see deeper into your student's personality.

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  1. Love this idea for helping students develop their artistry and also getting to know them and their interests! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a great idea. I can see where my students would have success drawing people this way.