Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boston Tea Party Notes

              Each spring the Boston Tea Party is part of the 5th grade curriculum in Social Studies.  I was looking on Pinterest and found some interesting ideas.
 This anchor chart is so wonderful with great information. I knew I could use this with my students.   Pinterest stated it was "saved by Katie Shaw- Boston Tea Party Cause and Effect Anchor Chart American Revolution 5th Grade Social Studies."

         I like to have my students take notes and keep them in a Social Studies duo-tang. So I made a worksheet from this anchor chart. So I changed it to fit the needs of my class. 

     I like to have my students add color to their notes when they are reviewing their notes for homework.  This way I know that they did look at their notes because they have to color them.  

        This is what the blank note sheet looks like.

        I also saw another anchor chart on the Boston Tea Party.  This one is from Miss Mills Blog.   I was so impressed.  I knew I could use this in my own class.


      I did take the liberty of making this into a sheet of notes for my students to fill in and keep in their dou-tang for safe keeping.

      I would like to thank these two wonderful ladies for putting their ideas out there for all the rest of us to see.  I also hope that I have done justice to their ideas by adding my own spin. 

      We will be participating in a SKYPE field trip with Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum very soon.   So these notes will be so very useful to my students.

      Enjoy your day. Please leave a comment if you have a spare minute.

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