Friday, March 3, 2017

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre      

   This week has been very exciting in my Social Studies class. We have been discussing the events leading up to the American Revolution,  The Proclamation of 1763,   The Quartering Act,  The Stamp Act,  The Townshend Acts,  The Boston Massacre,  The Tea Act,  and The Boston Tea Party.  The Boston Massacre was an especially unsettling topic for my students, especially  the fact that five men were killed.  We talked about the issue that we really don't know what happened during the confrontation, but we do know the result.  We also realized that there are always two sides to a story.

      Among the faculty at my school, I'm known as the "teacher who collects junk".  If someone needs something, they first come to ask me if I might have what they are looking for.  Nine out of ten times, I usually have what they are looking for. 

      So.... last year someone dropped off a bag of "goodies" at the school office, and of course  our wonderful administrative assistants said, " Send this to Beti's room.  She'll find a use for these things."   Inside the bag were about fifteen little wooden coffins. ( I would say that you could find these at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn's )

      In our Social Studies text book is this picture.

    I made a photocopy, cut them apart, and glued these onto the tops of the little coffins.

               I feel that my students have a better understanding of my Religion and Social Studies lessons if they can touch, sing, of get involved in acting out the topic. These little wooden boxes just happened fill the bill for my lesson on the Boston Massacre.

          You never know what the day may bring.  So, keep an open mind to and an open door.  You'll be surprised what or who may come into your life.

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  1. Please contact the blogger that makes your I'm a Michigan Blogger sign. She now has one that includes the entire state, not just the lower peninsula.

  2. What a great visual! I'm sure that made your lesson that much more memorable for the students.

  3. LOVE your Boston Massacre coffins ~ neat! Social Studies is my favorite subject to teach ~ plus I live 20 minutes north of Boston which is so full of history! Have you ever been here?