Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Student Name Sticks


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   Teachers have many different ways to call on their students.  Today I made these containers to hold the students' name sticks.    Room 111 is my homeroom.   113 and 116 are the other two homerooms of students that I have for Religion and Social Studies each day.  

I found these cute little plastic jars at the dollar store. To make each class different, I used left over boarder to decorate and hold the containers together. 

      Modge Podge came in handy when I adhered  all 90  names to popsicle sticks. 

        I usually have a student pick students to read or answer questions.  After a name is called, the stick is placed in the second container.  This way, all students are called on each day.  As we all know, there are some children who never raise their hand and don't want to be called on.  I do give students the opportunity to "pass" their turn, but give then another opportunity to speak during class at a "better " time for the child.

        The kids love it when I pick a stick and then say, "Would you like to be the "Stick Person" today?" Their answer is always "Yes!"  That student gets to pick sticks and call student names to read or answer a question.  You know how that keeps more kids on their toes. It it fun and interactive!  What more can I say?

What do you use to call on your students?


    Please leave a comment if you have a minute.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and helpful hints.

Enjoy your day!