Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Gift

     Years ago, when my son was in elementary school, my husband and I received a handmade Santa card.  As you can see he did a lovely job designing the Santa.

     What makes this card so very special is what is on the inside, not the cute Santa,

but his art work and this handwritten poem inside, that I cherish.

  I wanted my students this year to given their parents something that they could look back many years from 2016 and remember their children as 5th graders. We are so very lucky to have our children each and every day!

   So this is what I came up with.  Some wonderful person donated a box of these cute little angels to St. Michael School.  Sister Carolyn gave them to me because she knew I would be able to use them some way.
   Merry Christmas to all!  Especially my son R.J.

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