Friday, December 16, 2016

Review Activity

            At the end of each unit or chapter, I like to have my students actively review for their upcoming test or quiz.  Sometimes it is an online Jeopardy game, flip chart review with a partner, or make up questions from your notes.  
        This time I gave each student four index cards.   I instructed them to fold each card in half.  On the outside of the card they were to write a question from chapter 11 or 12 in Social Studies.  When the card was opened, they were to write the answer. 

Question - Outside of card

Answer- Inside of card
   As you can see the questions were not perfect

          Then each student got a sheet of loose leaf paper.  The paper had a Review Title at the top.  My students were instructed to make two columns: Correct ( a very thin column on the left ) and Incorrect - I need to review ( a much wider column on the right side of the paper.

      The two columns were different sizes because if the child answered the questions correctly, they would write a star, smiley face, or check in the correct column.  If they had the incorrect answer, they student was to write the question and the correct answer in the much larger column.

    This question is more detailed and to the point.
" What 3 tasks did the Continental Congress face at the Second Continental Congress?"

      The questions could be teacher made.  You would be directing the focus of the studying  that way. I like to have my students involved in their learning. The students took their four index cards and passed them to the next student.   Then all the students worked on answering those four questions.   After a few minutes, I said, "Pass." everyone passed the four questions to the next person.   It didn't matter if they had finished all four of the questions.   Now they had a new set of questions to work on.  This way the students who finished quickly were not sitting waiting for everyone else to finish.  The kids liked to keep things moving.  

What are some strategies you use to review with your students?

Please leave a note.  I always like to use new ideas with my students.


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