Monday, December 19, 2016

An Angel Story


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      We all know that angels are in our lives, and they visit us all the time.  Many times we are not aware that they are there interceding for us in the world.
            My teaching partner from several years ago, Janet, had taught our 5th grade Religion classes.  The next year we switched subjects, and I would teach Religion after a few years teaching Math and English.  Janet kindly gave me all her files to use. It was the end of the year so I was cleaning out my file for the summer.  Each file folder was loaded with numerous duplicate copies of handouts for each chapter. I started working om my Religion files.
        One of the chapters in the Religion book was on Angels.  Janet had asked the students to write about how angels had effected their lives. One of our students, Kara, who is now in college, had written a beautiful paragraph about her guardian angel.  I read the paragraph and decided to keep it as an example for students the next year.  Kara's paper went back into the file folder with all the other examples.  
       As the afternoon went on, I moved through the files placing numerous papers into the recycle bin.  The building was quiet because many of the other teachers had left for the day.  The Religious Education Director was a few doors down the hall busily getting ready for Vacation Bible School to begin the next week. I didn't expect anyone to visit me that afternoon.
      A beauitful young woman walked into my classroom and said, "Hello."  It was Kara.  Kara had come to ask me for some sticky tack to hang posters.  She was volunteering her time at Vacation Bible School.  We talked for a while and she went back to work.
     The I realized that I needed to give that beautifully written angel paragraph back to Kara.  I walked down the hallway, paper in hand, and found Kara in the cafeteria.  I said, "I have something for you. You wrote this about an angel when you were in the 5th grade."  Kara read the paragraph and asked if I wanted it back.  I told her that she should it.  Kara said, "I think I'll put it in my 5th grade folder at home."
      Angels come in and out of our lives all the time.  Remember to savor the moment when an angel comes into your life. 

May the Christmas Season be in your heart. 


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