Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dress up Animals

          My daughter and her husband and my son and his wife are are proud parents of darling little girls.  So I needed to make some items for them to use when they come to visit. I know it will be several years before my grandchildren will be playing with this. I guess I like to plan ahead.

        I saw this idea on Pinterest.   I found it on    
I can not take credit for this idea.  It was called a Dress Me Up Blanket.
 For my version, I decided to draw my animals on a white mat board. 

 Here  are close ups of the animals.

 Next, I glued white felt to each tummy section to make little felt boards.

           I took all my scrap material an made little pieces of clothing.  I tried to use as many different colors as possible.  There are pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, jumpers, dresses, and overalls.  These can be mixed and matched as many different combinations as the child desires.  

            Hopefully this will encourage speech and language development  in learning of different colors, clothing, body parts, as well as name of animals.   The development of fine motor skills will also be a plus. 
           I have two preschool age nephews who come to visit.  I will be bringing this out for their stamp of approval. 

I would love to hear your comments on this activity and how you might use it.



  1. That is so incredibly sweet! Congratulations on the new family member. That will be something they will have to treasure for a long time!

    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs

  2. That sounds like a wonderful idea I should try that soon.