Wednesday, August 31, 2016

No more name tags!

      I found this idea on Pinterest.  I used a Sharpie Paint Pen.  This was the best idea since sliced bread!  The names stayed on the desks, even with daily washing with Clorox wipes.  The only way the kids could get the name off was to scratch the paint.  The name was easily repainted or painted over in a minute.
At the end of the year the paint was removed with an EXPO marker.

     Many of my teaching buddies are using this again this year. This is no stickiness or ragged edges from tape. If the name begins to wear off, you can paint over the letters and it is as good as new! 

     Give this idea a try!

      Have a great school year!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beginning the year

           I love this statement, so it is next to the door when you enter my room.

 I put a crossword on the bulletin board.  I always have those students who need  the little extra personal challenge.

I'm so sorry that these pictures are blurry.

This year I added Boggle, Suduko, and Jumble for Kids to my room.  Hopefully, one of these will stir someone's interest.

Hopefully, these will get the 5th graders thinking and discussing. Educational conversation is a big part of my day.

    This is the back of my room.  The pink curtains cover the coat closet.
I want my students to know that they can do amazing things this year.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Horn Book

             As part of our Boston Tea Party Day, my partner, Kathy, had the students make horn books in their language Arts class. Each child came to school dressed in colonial clothing. She took the kids back to colonial times and showed  them how to write their ABC's in fancy script. Then they talked about memorization passages and the meaning old sayings. A horn book template was given to each student.  They were able to choose what they wanted to write and how to decorate their own horn book.

              An activity like this helps the children get a feel for life 300 hundred years ago when our country was just beginning.  

          One of my students brought in a horn book that her father had made when he was in 5th grade.  The kids thought it was very cool.  Someone took the time to cut out wood to make this wonderful project for some very lucky children.  

     I want to give a huge shout out to all who help our children learn about our American past.  Thank you for all the things that you done for me and the rest of the children in our schools!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Snoopy Theme

        Each year we want to have some theme in our rooms.  This year, one of the teachers had placed a pile of various and sundry classroom items in the Teachers' Lounge.  A piece of paper said "FREE". 

     So I looked (dug) through the pile.  I found this cute Snoopy banner.
  I found my theme. yeah!

 Today I am linking up with Forever in 5th Grade for Show and Tell Tuesday.

This is the hallway just outside my classroom.

     I found a cute Snoopy clip art with Snoopy holding a sheet of paper similar to the one on the banner.  A simple red maker was used to write the A+ on each one.  I added each students' name to the little papers.  

                             Here is my desk with the cute little Snoopy.

      Since this a dog related blog post, I have to include  pictures of Barkley.  He makes me SMILE!  Summer is almost over! Make the most of your free time!

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Let's make this the best year ever for the kids we have!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

People Search

             At the beginning of the year, usually the first week of school, I like to have my 5th graders have a People Search.  Each student is given a handout.  They need to find classmates to fill each category. They need to find a different person  for each answer.  

       The tricky part for the children is that this activity is a                             SILENT ACTIVITY!  
     The kids soon realize that they need to communicate with each other without talking. Many groans and moans are heard in the room, but soon they are moving around the rooms silently finding needed information.  They are also making some new friends in the process. This is a great ice breaker for the new students in school. 
     We have three 5th grade homerooms.  My teaching partners and I take our 90 some kiddos to the air conditioned cafeteria because it can be very hot the first week of September in Michigan. 
     We give the students about 15 or 20 minutes to mingle and talk. The children are encouraged to ask both boys and girls for their answers. After the kids are finished, I might say,  " Everyone who walks to school, or everyone who has traveled outside of the country,  come stand here" .  Everyone can see what they have in common with others.
Today I linked up with The Whimsical Teacher for Tried and True. Check out all the great ideas. 
     I hope you will be able to use this activity in your room.   

 I have also linked up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
                                              Have a great year!
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