Monday, July 25, 2016

Birthday Banner

  Birthday Banner

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        To celebrate each of my students' birthdays I make Birthday Banner.
I found a roll of white paper in the storeroom.  I thought it would be perfect size for a personal banner for my students.  As you can see it is a very simple project. I write "Happy Birthday" in bubble letters and the child's name on the banner.  After each is finished. I roll the banner up, write the child's name and birthday on the end of the paper, and secure it with a rubber band.  All the rolls are neatly stored in a book bin.  A student can easily find the birthday banner for the student who is celebrating their birthday.

       The special addition to the banner comes when each student in my homeroom decorates the letters and signs their name on the  banner. Markers and crayons come out and the kids sit on the floor to decorate the banners.

   At the end of the day, the Birthday Boy or Girl get to pick something from the Birthday Box.  Inside they may find an assortment of toys, pins, necklaces, picture frames, wallets, pencils, etc.  The contents of the box is always changing.


  I hope someone will be able to use this Birthday Banner in their classroom.
I'd love to read your comments on this activity.

  The Birthday Banner is linked to   Freebie Friday.


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