Saturday, October 8, 2016

Minion Costumes

          This summer I was crocheting baby hats for my two new granddaughters.  I made several yellow ones.  "They could be made into minion hats", was a thought that crossed my mind.  My daughter asked if I could made one for a Halloween costume for her daughter.  Of course I can't resist a crafting challenge.
    Here is the minion hat I made.

        My little granddaughter has blue denim overalls to go with the hat.  

      A costume for the dog, Barkley, a Yorkie was also requested.   When they came to Michigan last Christmas, I made Barkley a little green felt coat to wear outside.  So I knew I could made him a minion costume.  It has velcro so it can be secured around his neck.

           This is not Barkley.  I don't know if he could stand still long enough to have this picture taken. I used an old  stuffed animal for fitting of the minion costume for size.

Wishing everyone best wishes for your  Happy Halloween shopping.

    Please leave a short note if you have a minute.  I'd love to read your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

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