Saturday, October 18, 2014

Interactive Notebook - Plains Indians

        To continue the unit of study on the Native American Indians we added to our interactive notebook pages.  I found an illustration of the inside of a buffalo hide tepee.  We used this as the base page for the Plains Indians.

      The students highlighted the information that is written around the outside of the tepee and drew a
highlighted line to the specific piece that could be found inside the tepee.

  The outside of the tepee was cut and glued as a flap onto the base page. Some students choose to color the outside of the tepee.
    We do have a tepee in our classroom.  Two students can sit and work in the tepee at a time.

      This section was added to our Climate Regions page in our notebooks. My students are really getting into drawing as part of  Social Studies class.  My hope is to use many different strategies to engage  many different  learners.

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