Friday, March 13, 2015

Sharp pencils

Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!
This week we had an issue with our pencil sharpener.  One of my darlings decided to sharpen a stubby pencil and got it stuck in the heavy duty electric pencil sharpener.  I took the sharpener down to the maintenance department to see what they could do.   Luckily, a pair of needle nose pliers came to the rescue.  The stubby pencil was no longer jammed into the pencil sharpener. Yeah!

   My friend, Jullian, suggested that I make some signs for my pencil sharpeners. So here is the result.  The good thing is that my students have started to think about the size of their pencil ahead of time. 

Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine.   Spring is right around the corner!

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