Friday, April 10, 2015

Casa Grande, AZ


Easter vacation was spent in Arizona this year.  After flying into Phoenix, we decided to visit
 "Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, a Native American Indian ruin. Casa Grande ( Big House) was built prior to 1350 A.D. by Ancestral Desert People, the prehistoric peoples formerly known as Hohokam.  The four story structure was constructed of layers of caliche mud and represent the height of the period's architectural advancement. Around the main building are remains of a walled village.
       The Ancestral Desert People lived in the area for many centuries prior to the construction of the Casa Grande.  Sometime around 1450 Casa Grande was abandoned for unknown reasons after the Ancestral Desert People had used it for only a century.  The ruins were seen  and named in 1694 by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, a missionary who was led to the site by local Akimel O'odham  Indians."  (Information from the AAA Arizona Tour Book.)


       A steel canopy was built over Casa Grande to protect it from the elements and further deterioration.

                       Artist's representation of Casa Grande.
    Casa Grande is about an hour south of Phoenix. This is a amazing site to see. These pictures will be part of my unit on Native Americans of the Desert Southwest next year.

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