Monday, April 27, 2015

Study Stack

Study Stacks

      I like to use Study Stacks with my students. As you can see, we are learning about the tension between the Colonies and Great Britain. For each unit I have put together a Study Stack.  The students get the basic information. I always tell them not to memorize the information, but instead they need a working knowledge of the information presented in the chapter or unit. 
    Here is an example of part of the Study Stack for the Chapter.

What study strategy do you use to get those reluctant learners to review and study?
     All the information in the Study Stack can be used in the different forms of games and self-evaluations listed  above.  This has been a valuable study strategy for my 5th graders for many years.  The students who like to play games on their computer will use the Study Stacks because it is a game format.  They don't realize that they are learning the material or how much time they are spending reviewing.
    has thousands of stacks made by teachers at all levels of education.
You can make one of your own or use a stack that someone else has made.

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Please leave a comment if you have used Study Stacks in your classroom or plan to give it a try.
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