Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Amarilis

     Wordless Wednesday- My Amarilis
                    One of my wonderful students, Emma, gave me an amarilis in a lovely flower pot. I placed it on my desk and the kids gathered round.  Of course I had to add a ruler so we could measure the flower's progress.

Two of my students have taken on the job of measuring and recording the growth.



     Finally my amarilis is growing.  I know that the bamboo in the background makes it look like there is more growth. The next picture will hopefully be a better shot of the plant.
     The shoot on the left hand side of the plant is the flower pod.

 The growth in the last three pictures is within 24 hours!  It's Friday.  My 5th graders will be amazed on Monday when they see how much the amarilis has grown.

   Monday morning was a real surprise!
       On Tuesday the kids had a day off, but the teachers had meetings.  So I came into my room and this is how much the amarilis had grown.  I added an additional support and measuring stick. By the afternoon I had to tie the plant for support.

Notice the two blossoms.

  What are some things that you measure in your classroom?

I'll keep you posted on the flower's growth with more pictures.
Please leave a comment.  I love to read what others are doing in their classrooms.

Happy Spring!

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  1. We measure the usual--books, pencils, desks. I need to be a little more creative :)

    Made with Love

  2. No classroom, but we did set up a duck cam to watch a mother duck who has set up a nest in our back yard and laid six eggs. For the past three or four years, she has come back every year to lay her eggs. Ashley decided to help her out by putting sticks and leaves so she could build her nest. We are now waiting and watching daily for our new family to arrive!