Friday, March 31, 2017

The Royal and Most Pleasant Game of Goose

The Royal and Most Pleasant 
Game of Goose

      In 5th grade we learned about life in Colonial Williamsburg.  In our journey, my students went to the Raleigh Tavern on the Duke of Glouchester Street.  Along with discussing politics, eating, drinking, and socializing were popular at these local gathering spots.  One way to socialize was to play board games.
     The Royal and Most Pleasant Game of Goose was introduced to my students.  No Ipads or computer games. They came to realize that they could have an great time playing a simple board game with their classmates.

Sorry that this picture of the game board is a little fuzzy.

        The game is played with one die and a marker for each player.

You can see that  have my students dress up in costumes to enhance my lessons.
   There are a few interesting spaces on the game board to make the game fun. A space that no one wants to land on is the Death SpaceThis is where the player has to go back to the beginning of the game board to space number 1.  A few spaces featuring a goose will send a player ahead. You might also land on the Jail space where you will lose a turn.
At times the game can be very intense.

       This young man is portraying a fine Colonial gentleman who frequented the Raleigh Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. 

     The students even wanted to take the game boards home! This game was in my TCI Social Studies Alive! America's Past teacher's manual. 

          I have taken this game to our school's book fair at Barnes and Noble.  Children always want to play and want their parents to watch.

Please leave a comment if you have a minute.  Let me know if you could use my ideas in your class.


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