Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Fabulous Class this Year

          This is our third week of school.   I have to say that my teaching partners and I have a great group of kids to work with this year. They are eager to learn.   It is so exciting when children come into my room, sit down, get out their supplies, and are ready to work.  These children are ready for the challenge of 5th grade.  
       Here is are examples of my students' planners. 

I'm sorry that this one is sideways.

      Every child has the same planner supplied by our school. They write the assignments exactly as written on the assignment board.

     We have new students to our school. Some have come from Catholic schools while other students have come to us from public schools. The children from public schools usually have an extra challenge.  The students at St. Michael Catholic School still learn to write in cursive. They are expected to read and write cursive when the come into 5th. It is very difficult for children to read a teacher's handwriting when they don't know how to form the cursive letters themselves. 
     I have to congratulate the students who have taken the challenge to learn to write in cursive.  I tell my students, " I learn something new every day". 
     I have 30 great boys and girls in my homeroom and 58 others in the two other homerooms.  

   Hoping your year is as great as mine is going to be!

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