Sunday, September 20, 2015

We Care for our World

       To celebrate the visit of Pope Francis to the United States this week,  I needed a flip chart.  My students enjoy making flip charts instead of working on "just a sheet of paper".
     The Pope's message to children is "to take care of our world".  We are the world's caretakers.  We can make our world a better place by doing many things. Be kind to others.  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.  Keep our earth clean.
etc., etc., etc, ....
     Have the students brainstorm their ideas with their classmates. Then the students can write or draw or both in each box on the base sheet.

     The top sheet needs to be cut on the horizontal long line. Then each piece is cut to the half vertical lines to the dotted line. Glue is applied to the back of each flap.  I printed the top sheet in green, but it could be printed on plain white paper and decorated as each child wishes.  
   My kiddos went to work! 

    Here are some examples of the students' ideas.

     Rainbows always add a flair!

    This could be used as an Earth Day activity. 

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