Friday, October 20, 2017

Interactive Student Interest Board

        Our 5th graders switch classes.  I teach Religion and Social Studies. My partners, Suzanne and Kathy, teach the Math and Science classes and the Language  Arts ( Vocab, Grammar, and Reading classes) respectively. The students, 30 in each homeroom, line up at the end of each class to move to another room every 45 minutes. This area gives the kiddos something to do when they are standing in line.
        I have an interactive board for the students to work on cooperatively during their free time.  I remind them that working cooperatively does not mean you tell your friends the answers. That will not help your friends. Cooperatively means to help others understand how to solve the problem.

          This is my board that is located to the right of the door leading out into the hall.  The blue background paper is laminated.  I have found it lasts the entire year.  The papers are attached with sticky tack so items can be changed quickly by myself or a student. The kids like to go to the drawer and pick the next game or activity to be placed on the board.

     I change the Boggle game sheet weekly.  This keeps the kids practicing their spelling. Sometimes I give a "prize" to the students who has found the most words.

             Jumble For Kids was in the newspaper years ago.  The date on this one is 2004. You can tell that I have been teaching for a while.  The words are usually easy, but answer at the bottom has an interesting twist.  It has to do with the clue in the picture.  This can be  a pun or a play on words. 

        Hocus Pocus  also was featured in newspapers.  The directions are to "Find at least six differences in details between panels."  This is great for examining details and going back and check again.  Many kids want to be finished and do assignments very quickly.  This gives a chance to practice the skill of carefully looking for details.

           SUDOKU is a favorite for some children while others dislike it.  My students teach each other how to play Sudoku every year.  Sudoku is a great thinking game for all ages.


              The CROSSWORD PUZZLE  is also popular with some students. Students often work together on the crossword puzzle.  Collaborative work is so important for children. They learn how to learn from each other and teach each other. They also learn that everyone has different strengths.

      I have a variety of different activities because my students have a variety of interests, skills, and skill levels. Teach each child.

 Enjoy teaching your students every day.  
Make it the best year ever!

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  1. I so appreciate the way you explain to your students what cooperative learning is (and is not). I also remember those puzzles from the newspaper. Now students actually wonder what a newspaper is!

  2. I love the idea of having all of these different things that kids can do while they are waiting or with their free time! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade