Saturday, October 25, 2014

Interactive Notebook- Eastern Woodland Indians

     As we continued our unit on Native Americans, the Eastern Woodland Indians is always interesting to 5th graders.   I needed to have a page to learn about the longhouse.  This is the base page for the longhouse.

     The top or outside of the longhouse was glued onto to base page.
     My students were encouraged to color their longhouse to enhance the appearance.

       We identified the fire (#1), labeled and highlighted the number on the base sheet as a class.  The on the lines below the picture we wrote "fire in the center of the longhouse".   The children were then asked to add two more pieces of information to their sheet on their own.
       The next step was to "talk to your neighbor" and share your information. Now the kids could show their neighbor what they had found and then added it to their list. Finally, we shared the information with the entire class.
       I really like to use the "" talk to your neighbor" technique with my 5th graders.  Then when I call on a student, they have some information to tell the class instead of saying, "I  don't know."  It takes the pressure off of children that aren't sure of their abilities.    

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