Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mosaic Cross

           Mosaic Cross
     The Parent Group at our school had an auction. Each homeroom made an item for the auction.  I had a box of various pieces of ceramic tile samples that someone had given me many years ago.  They have sat in my classroom closet.  At the end of year, in June, I look at the box and say to myself, " I can use these for a project one day". 

         Well, the time has come.  One of my parents volunteered to head up our class project.  I showed her the box of various sized and colored pieces.  She said that she would think about how we could used them.  Her husband kindly came into the picture and constructed a wooden cross to be the base for the mosaic cross.  All the sample tiles were to large for our purposes, so a hammer was used to crack the tiles into smaller usable sized pieces. 

          Here is the cross after the students finished laying the small tiles into the
base layer of "cement".  I'm not sure cement if the correct term. 

          The cross was grouted and painted with gold paint around the edges.  Our beautiful cross was brought back to school for the children to add their signatures on the back of the cross.

         As an auction item,  we needed some more pieces to add interest to the bidders.  Religious books of various topics for family members, a holy water font, and a glass mosaic candle holder were added to the basket. 

         I can not take credit for this project.  Our wonderful mother of one of my students came up with all these ideas. Hopefully, this basket and cross will be a wonderful addition to a Catholic home.


Enjoy this day 
the Lord has made, 
let us rejoice and 
be glad!


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