Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Girls' Bathroom Beautification

     and Flowers
     Would this made you  smile and feel good when you walked into the girls' bathroom?  That was our intent with our Bathroom Beautification.

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        Before  the beginning of the school year, I though it would be fun to "beautify" the bathrooms at our school.  So we had a "little contest" to see which bathroom in the school could be the cutest.  I know it is quite hard to make a school bathroom look cute, but we tried. My good friend Dawn, who teaches 2nd grade just next to my 5th grade room, took on the challenge with me.  Since the 5th, 2nd, and 1st graders share a bathroom we worked together. 


    This is the view when you enter the girls bathroom.  Dawn had made and laminated these butterflies many years ago.  We thought they would be  nice, bright, and happy.  

      Dawn also had these stars in her classroom decorating stash. The words were added to made the girls believe in themselves. Some helpful students were around school and they made some little butterflies hanging above the window. You can see a pink butterfly on the right side of the picture. They seem to fly a bit when the window is open and a breeze comes in.
     Some cute stickers were added to the stall doors.  

      Unfortunately, there was no prize in our contest, but we did have fun improving the bathrooms of our school a little bit.
    I encourage all teachers and schools to do this type of project. It could make a difference to someone you least expect!

     Have a WONDERFUL DAY! 



  1. I stopped by your blog to read your June Pinterest Pick 3 post and kept reading this post. I think decorating the bathrooms is such a fun idea! I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for some fun and inspirational signs to hang in ours next year. Thank you!
    Crystal Clear Teaching

  2. I love the Boston Tea Party!! Thanks for linking up!