Saturday, October 31, 2015

End of Unit Collaboration

         To wrap up a unit of study on Native American Indian tribes, I decided to have the students collaborate on their knowledge.  I used six large pieces of colored paper for this activity.  Each colored sheet had a different cultural region written in the middle. Luckily I found  large sheets of pink, light blue, yellow, orange, white, and pale yellow in the school store room.  This would be perfect.  One color for the Arctic Region, Pacific Northwest, Desert Southwest, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands, and the last one for Native Americans in general. 
        The sheets were then divided into eight sections.
      Location, Tribes, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Climate, Items Made, and Natural Resources.

       Each class was divided randomly into six groups.   The were instructed that they would only have five minutes to write or draw some information on the paper.  Everyone was to be involved at the same time. No one could say, "I'm good at drawing, so I'll do that part. "  Each child would place their choice of information on the poster.  After five minutes, I rang my chime and the group moved on to the next poster to do the same work.
     As you can see they got busy.

Students were able to used their notes.

          I was very pleased with the amount of work that my 5th graders accomplished in 30 minutes.  

These are the topics that we discussed for each region. A picture is worth a thousand words!

             A job well done!
 What type of unit wrap up do you use in your class?

Please leave a comment if you have en extra minute. I'd love to hear from you.

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