Monday, October 5, 2015

Personal Offices

     When my students are taking a test, I have them use personal offices.  If you know me, I did not purchase these.  Several years ago, I found 30 of the perfect size boxes in the cardboard recycle bin at school.  So, I decided to use this great find for my personal offices.  The outside has a label showing frozen fish.  The inside was perfect for all sorts of useful test taking information.

                       This is the inside of one of my personal offices.

Here is a Personal Mini Thesaurus which can make an essay on a test better.


               Irregular verb ca be tricky, so here is a useful list for my kiddos.

       In order to write a well organized paragraph, transition words are very helpful.

         A few helpful hints to write the "Perfect Paragraph" improve student work.

           I found these test taking strategies at a TPT store.  I shrunk them to fit on one sheet.

     These personal offices are not too tall, so the kids can see me giving instructions.  I keep on adding to the information sheets, that are glued on to the personal offices, each year. 
    I have the children keep the offices up until everyone has finished taking and checking the answers on their tests. This way the children that finish last do not feel rushed or stressed because they are not "Done".  You know those kids that finish is a flash.  They have to stay in their seat, check their work, and then read a book.

Do  you use some kind of personal office for your students? 

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It is IOWA test week, so these offices are getting a workout. 
Have a great week!


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