Wednesday, February 10, 2016

6 Review Stations

               We all need to review course material for tests or quizzes at sometime or another.  I had to come up with something new and keep my 5th grade Social Studies students moving while learning.  
           The New England Colonies were being studied this past week.  I wrote 30 questions that could be answered by very short answers.  These questions were divided into six "stations" of five questions each.  The questions were written on separate sheets of paper.

    6 Review Stations

            The  six stations are labeled A - F and placed around the room.

Next the children made their own recording sheet on loose leaf.

            Groups of students were chosen randomly by picking sticks.  The groups  went to their assigned station.  The students were instructed to silently read a question, move away, and write their answer on the recording sheet or find the information in their notes and then write the answer.  Each child goes back to read the next question and to write their answer.  After all five questions are completed by each member of the group, the members come together to talk over their answers.
         At the sound of a bell, the groups move to the next station and repeat the process.
        The kids loved it!  They were engaged in the activity and worked so diligently.  I was very impressed.

      Have you used stations to review a topic?  I will use this strategy again.

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