Monday, February 8, 2016

Miracles of Jesus Books

                By teaching Religion I can incorporate writing skills that are so very important in 5th grade.  One chapter in our Religion book concerns the miracles of Jesus.  We spend a day reading many miracle stories from the Bible.  
            To involve my students in really knowing these stories I have them write a miracle story in the words that a younger student would understand.  
The story is broken up into six parts or simple sentences. Vocabulary is changed to text readable for 1st and second grade students.  The great thing is that the 1st and 2nd graders are learning these same stories in their Religion classes at this time of year. 
             Illustrations are drawn and the text is typed into a word document. 
The text for each page is typed  so it can be cut and glued to the correct page. 
Laminating and binding is done to complete each book.

Calming of the Sea

 The Paralytic Man

          The best part of this project  for my students is to take their book to a Kindergarten, first, or second grade class and read their story. My 5th graders become traveling story tellers. They are very eager to share their work and knowledge to younger children.  
       Finally, the books are given to the first grade classes to keep in their classroom libraries. These stories become well read and loved by the younger students.  As the years go by, these students remember reading these books and are eager to write a story of their own in 5th grade.
       I love this project is cross curricular and can be used on so many levels.

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Have a marvelous Monday and a blessed day!



  1. I love this idea to acknowledge the Lord through the children's art work. Thank you for sharing and God bless. 👆🙏😌

    1. This is the reason I teach in a Catholic school.