Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Advent Journal

        As a part of my Religion class, I have the students put together an Advent Journal the week before Advent.  This way we are prepared, on the first day back to school after the first Sunday in Advent, to write in our journals.
        We begin with seven sheets of loose leaf paper.  One sheet is used to glue a standard size envelope.  This will be a safe place to store the Advent Journal in their Religion duo-tang each day.
In the past, I had the children store it in the pocket of their duo-tang, but they fell out easily and got lost.  This year I got smart with the envelope system.
The other six sheets of loose leaf were cut into three sections and stapled into a folded piece of paper or card stock.  Some students designed their own cover.  Others used the paper that was supplied.

The next step was to cut apart all the days of advent and glue each piece on to the correct page in the Advent Journal. Use both the front and back of each sheet in order to have enough pages.

     In the past years, Sister Carolyn, our Principal, had given these Advent Calendar sheets to use with our students. They worked very well for this Advent Journal.   On this page the children write about an act of kindness or generosity in order to get ready for the birth of Jesus.
The students write, "Dear God,  Please pray for, or watch over, or protect ..."  on each page as we discuss the people who we are praying for each day.

 Lastly, The loose leaf page is clipped into their duo-tang for safe keeping. The Advent Journal is kept in the envelope for use at the beginning of  Religion class each day during Advent. 

I hope this journal will be useful in your class or for your own children at home.  Make Advent special this year with your children.

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