Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Compare & Contrast- Continental & British Armies

        To wrap up a chapter on the American Revolution, my 5th graders worked to compare and contrast the two armies. Much reading and discussion helped the students to understand the differences between the Continental Army and the British Army.  My kiddos then picked up a piece of loose leaf and a small sheet with pictures of two soldiers.( I never pass out papers anymore. I place any papers that  my students need on a table, and my 5th graders form a one-way street to pick up their work materials. Now, no one ever says, "I didn't get that paper or worksheet!")  The paper of the soldiers was cut in half to separate the two.  Then they were glued onto the loose leaf.  

This was my demonstration piece.

     The directions were given to bullet point information specific to each army. Here are a few examples of student work. 

          As you can see, each child had a different list but with basically the same information.  They also colored the uniforms and some added backgrounds.  I was very pleased with the completed classwork. 

   How do you have your students compare and contrast?

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  1. We do a compare and contrast with Native American groups, but I really like your idea too! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade