Monday, June 15, 2015

Cuadros- Art Work from Women of Peru

         Guest Blogger -- Judi Odmark

          Judi's 3rd graders use a basal reader from Scholastic  LITERACY PLACE.
  If you look closely at the cover you will notice beautiful artwork.

    The artwork is actually a piece of hand-sewing called a cuadros.  Each color is a different patch of material or stitches in a variety of colors of thread.  Now you look at it from a different perspective.   The women in Peru make and sell the cuadros.  
    This is the story selection.

    A wonderful woman named Sister Theresa would come to school and help out in the 3rd grade working with the students during Reading.  She read the story selection in the basal reading book.  One of her friends named Barbara went to Peru to help local women become self-sufficient. 

       These are the cuadros that Sister Theresa gave to the teachers at St. Michael School.

This is a close up detail section.  You can see the different kinds of cloth used.

I love the snake and the flowers.

Each person has their own instrument.
The woman on the left is holding a woven basket.           

    These hand made examples of the cuadros really make the story selection come alive for our 3rd graders.    

     Thank you Sister Theresa.  And many thanks to your friend Barbara, too.
          I hope my pictures do justice to the beautiful needle work these women of Peru have done.

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