Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Puppet Show Day 2015

                  I look forward to this day every year.  It is the culmination of months of work for my students where they can display so many skills that they have mastered. After we had finished the shows and the parents went home, I asked all the kids what they had learned from this project.  I was pleasantly surprised by their answers. 
             "We learned to work cooperatively." "We learned the it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish a big task."  "We learned that if we make a mistake, it can be fixed." "We learned that we don't have to memorize something, but we can learn it."
           The 5th graders each make a puppet starting with an old burned out incandescent light bulb.  Multiple layers of paper mache' are applied to form the head.  A nose is put in place and "bandaided" to the face with more strips of wet paper mache'.  I break the bulbs and we begin to paint on  the skin.
Faces are carefully painted mixing colors for the eyes and lips.  The next step in to design a hair style and then glue each strand of yarn hair to scalp.  Felt clothing is designed and and glued to the body with tacky glue.  Lastly, the head is glued to the body.
         Here are a few examples of this years' puppets.   The puppets are people from Bible stories.
Can you guess who they might be?
Can you spot Goliath?

The just want to speak to you.

Check out his staff in his hand.

The eyebrows and beard are very special.

I love his expression.

She looks like a very kind person.

I was amazed with the wings.
I'll add more pictures as soon as possible.  

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