Sunday, February 18, 2018

ABC Caps

A B C 

               We decided to work on another service project for our little friends in the kindergarten class.  My students enjoy seeing the kindergarteners when we go down to Music class. Once a month my students sit with the kindergarten children while at weekly mass. 
              The Green Team at St. Michael Catholic School is very hard working. Recycled bottle caps have been collected and were just waiting for a fun and  useful up-cycle project.

         First, my students needed to look through the bottle cap collection.  Groups of three of the same color cap were collected. These colorful gallon milk jug caps were the perfect size.  We needed 26 groups of three caps. Our school Administrative Assistant kindly offered to print out labels with capital and lower case letters of the alphabet for our project.    

        Next, the labels needed to be cut an glued onto the caps. You can see, my 5th graders did the cutting of the letters. That is why they aren't perfect. The next step was to find an appropriate sticker picture for each letter.  This proved to be quite a project. But I think my students did a very good job. The Modpodge was applied over the letters. Three or four layers of Modpodge was added to make sure the stickers adhered to the caps.  Little fingers won't be able to pick the letters off of the caps.

        I teach in a Catholic school, so Jesus in the manger, for the letter "J", was no problem for our students.

              A variety of colors were used so that color matching of 5 year olds would be used in addition to matching the letters and the pictures.  

             Finding the appropriate pictures was a challenge for my fifth graders.  They had a large variety of stickers to choose from.  Sometimes a picture would be chosen but had to be discarded because the younger children might not be able to identify and match it to the letters.   That is why I cut a circle of yellow paper to match with Y and y,  the word "BOXING" to match with X and x, and "VOTED" as a match for V and v.  

            This was a group project in which so many of my students had a hand i the works.   Great Team Work 5th grade!

            I hope this post will inspire you and your class to reach out and help to younger children in your school.

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  1. What a great project for your kids to do for their little buddies! Always love seeing how people put recyclables to good use! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. As a kindergarten teacher, I am a little jealous of the lucky class you did the service project for! Those bottle cap letters look great. What a wonderful way to create positive relationships throughout the school with the older and younger kids teaming up. We have done reading buddies before but the service project is such a neat and meaningful idea! Love it!
    The Chalkboard Garden

  3. What a great service project! I may try to get my Builders Club to make these too! :)


  4. What a great project, Beti! I think it's super when kids think outside of themselves and do something for others. They are wonderful about sharing themselves with others, and it's nice when you can nurture that!

  5. love the bottle cap letters! Thanks for sharing this project! Have a great week!