Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Detroit Zoo during the Winter

 Detroit Zoo

                  We took a ride to the Detroit Zoo last week between Christmas and New Years.  Not many animals were out frolicking in the cold.  Not even the Polar Bears!  

           The Detroit Zoo opened the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center that was perfect on a cold winter day in Michigan. When you first walk in you can view the little rock hopper penguins swimming around and diving under the water. The guide instructed us to walk down the ramp to view the penguins swimming under water. The ramp is surrounded by a 360 degree video of Shackleton's  ship and icebergs. 

           These penguins at the end of the tour were having a great time walking around on the ice and diving into the cold water.  My granddaughter really enjoyed watching these entertaining birds.

            There were many beautifully colored peacocks was strolling around the grounds of the zoo even thought it was about 30 degrees and windy that day.  This fellow just wanted to show off his lovely tail feathers. He followed us around as week walked the zoo paths.

           We also found a nice warn place to visit with the giraffe family.   Here are three of the four family members. The baby giraffe is up front with mother giraffe peering over the baby's head. The father giraffe, the tallest on the right, was in a separate area but could visit anytime he wanted.

           As you can see the sign on the right says "QUIET".  The giraffe don't like a lot of noise.

           The Detroit Zoo is a great place to take "children of any age".

Enjoy the winter season wherever you live. 


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