Monday, May 28, 2018

Hello Mr. Gecko

Hello, Mr. Gecko!

        Spending time in Arizona means you will see a different variety of animals from the assortment we have in Michigan. One of my granddaughter's favorite pass times is looking for geckos. Baby geckos, Dada geckos, Mamma geckos, large and small, are so much fun to look for in the yard. I should say, on the outside walls of the house. These little guys are so very fast, and they blend into their environment so well. So looking for them is a challenge. But they like to hang out there in the hot Arizona sun and sun themselves.

      I have to say that I'm not sure that "gecko" is the correct term for this little reptile, but that is what my granddaughter calls them. If you know the correct name for this little guy, please feel free to leave me a comment.

      Well, one afternoon while cleaning up after lunch, Mr. Gecko decided to come into the house and walk around on the kitchen window sill. He startled me to say the least.  Then I had to figure out how to catch the little guy and get him back outside where he belonged. He was hanging out on the windowsill between the blinds and the window behind the kitchen sink.
     First,  I had to clear all the dishes, cups, etc. from in and around the sink. I needed to have easy access when trying to catch a very, very fast gecko. Then what am I to use to trap him?  I had a good size plastic bag from grapes.  You know the kind with the little holes in the sides.  

    Mr. Gecko needed to be cornered so I could carefully get him to run into the bag. As you can see in the picture, he was near the side of the window. Lucky, he did run into the bag without me making a lot of noise.  By the way, I was doing this while my granddaughter was taking an afternoon nap in her crib.  Her bedroom is adjacent to the kitchen.

    So now what do you do with a trapped gecko?  Of course I could not just let him go.  My granddaughter would have been terribly disappointed not to see the gecko close up.

      You put the gecko into a bucket for safe keeping, of course!

       Now he was only in the bucket for about an hour before my granddaughter woke up from he nap. Needless to say, she was very excited to see Mr. Gecko.
we had a good time pointing and talking  to him.

    A few weeks earlier by accident another gecko fell off the side of the house and into this same bucket.  He tried to jump out. As you can imagine, this scared my daughter and granddaughter.  When she sees a gecko, she shakes her finger and says, "No, No, Mr. Gecko, don't scare us!"

     We placed the bucket on its side so Mr. Gecko could  leave when he was ready.  I didn't want him jumping up at us this time. Eventually, Mr. Gecko went on his merry way. 
     This is one of Mr. Gecko's friends. He is much darker in color than the other gecko. This one is climbing down the outside of the house.

     Well that's all for today. No geckos in Michigan. Enjoy the spring weather where ever you live.

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  1. You care for granddaughters and wrangle geckos! Impressive! I'm not sure whether geckos is right or wrong. I'm a New England girl!
    Laughter and Consistency