Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day of the Dead

         Silly Skeletons for 
Day of the Dead

    Each year my 5th graders have a 
Dia de los Muertos 
Day of the Dead celebration 
as close to Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 as possible.  The students pick a person whose life they would like to celebrate.  The families talk about the aspect of their life and what the person looked like.  I have the students complete a research sheet to have all the details in one place.  
        We make little paper stand up skeletons for each person's life that we celebrate.   The instructions were to give the person a silly hat to wear and something that they liked, such as a favorite food or candy, in their hand. You can see that the students had talked to their parents and knew about each person.
This person must have loved ice cream.
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Papa had a little dog as a friend.

Great Grandpa liked to play BINGO.

Grandma had a pet dog.

     The students bring in a shoe box to make a small altar for the celebration.
A picture, candle, flower, and decorations are placed on a small piece of cloth used as an altar cloth. 
     Each child has a turn to speak about their person.  I encourage them to tell a funny story about this person.  This takes their minds off the fact that the person has passed on before us.

     This year I worked with the Art teacher to have the students make skeleton masks or sugar skulls.  It was a great lesson in symmetry.  Here are some examples of their sugar skulls. The students used construction paper, crayons, and markers.

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