Sunday, June 26, 2016


        Let's face it, we all deal with kids who fidget and need to move. We can't do anything to stop it,  so we might as well give our kiddos something to relieve the internal motivation they have to move their hands , fingers, and feet.
      I hope all teachers have a basket of fidgets in their room for students to used at will. Not just the students who are ADHD or ADD.  Everyone now and then needs something to hold on to to touch.  When I am teaching, I usually have a binder clip, pencils, highlighter, etc in my hand. I too, am a very tactile person, so I know how my kids are feeling during class. 
       I know that my son has many things on his office desk. He told me that one of his teachers in high school, a very old priest, had a collection of toys on his desk. I guess you are never too old to have a toy on hand, just in case! 

        Here is a small selection of the fidgets I have in my 5th grade classroom. Foam stress balls, pencils with plastic screws and bolts, and little "porcupine balls" are just a few in the basket to choose from.  My students know they are not to be thrown around the room or at another person.  I am pleased to say it is working very well.

         One of my girls came up to me and asked if she could hold a stress ball because sometimes she feels stressed.  If we can make a child more at ease in class, then I say, "Go for it!"
     These small plastic cones are used as a reward for a great answer, but they also become something to hold onto during the remainder of class.  They are also beneficial in getting your shy or quiet child to raise their hand to offer an answer.

     Another option is to sit on a rug or a seat cushion while in my room. This is a very popular choice for many of my students. I have seen the kiddos holding on to the rug or just rubbing their hand on the soft material.  I would rather sit on something soft instead of a hard plastic chair, wouldn't you?

    Do used used fidgets in your classroom?  Please let me know what works in other classrooms.   

    Please take a moment to leave a comment or a note if you have the time in your busy day. I'd love to read your message.

  The end of June is almost here.
Happy summer vacation!

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  1. I love those fidget pencils. I have some too and they're great for kids who need to move. I never thought about having a basket of fidgets available. Great idea!

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