Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Costumes

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      All kids, big and little, love dressing up for Halloween.  Parents love to dress their little ones, including dogs and cats for this great event. This year I made three costumes.  Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and a Baby Bunny.

       Oscar the Grouch was made for Barkley, a little Yorkie. As you can see this is not Barkley, but a stuffed dog. 

     I made a felt dog coat and then attached Oscar so Oscar in his garbage can would be riding on the dog's back.  Oscar is made of felt and stuffed to made him more stable.

     Elmo was made from a red onesie with red toule and felt for the facial features. 

   Elmo was made from a red onesie with a red toule face and shirt. Felt was used for the facial features.
 I hope Elmo and Oscar made a good team Trick or Treating!

      The Baby Bunny was made from a pink long sleeve shirt and a scooter skirt.
I purchased all the clothing from the sale rack. 

     And here is the back with a little puffy tail. 

Happy Halloween to All!
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