Thursday, September 18, 2014

Learning the Apostles Creed with a puzzle

    My 5th graders are learning the Apostles Creed in Religion class.
In order to do this is class, I printed the prayer, dividing the phrases into
11 boxes.  Each child wrote their initials and class number in each of the 11
rectangles. Then we flipped the paper over.  They held up the piece of paper
and realized that they could see the boxes through the paper.  Each box was
numbered on the reverse side of the paper.  The students cut the paper into
11 strips, each numbered on the back.  This was the way they could check to
if the phrases of the prayer were in the correct order.
    Now to play the match game. All the strips were placed on the desk in
random order.  Each child stands up and pushes in their chair. Everyone begins
 to put the strips in the correct order.

          When the words of the prayer are in the correct order the student raises their hand
high into the air.  The student looks around the room to see another student with their hand up.

       Eye contact is made.  The kids point to each other in order to make sure they have made a contact. They nod their heads in agreement.  Finally, each child mixes up their strips, and they switch locations.  The process begins again.
      My students really like doing this in order to learn the Apostles Creed. They get to move around the room.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that all this is DONE IN COMPLETE SILENCE!  It is AWESOME to see my students working so intently.
     I will be able to use this activity if the kids need to memorize the Preamble of the Constitution or the final part of Patrick Henry's speech.


  1. Isabella and I timed each other before school one morning to see who could organize it correctly the fastest....She's pretty quick.

    C. Migora

    1. My hope is that more parents practice with their children.