Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Baby hats

      A few years ago, my dear friend and teaching partner for years, Janet, decided to have a crochet club in school during the cold winter months.  She organized our 5th graders who wanted to learn to crochet.  The kids would stay in during recess.  The kids that knew how to crochet taught the others.  Numerous boys and girls alike learned the skill of crochet. In the process I also learned how to crochet. We have kept the crochet and knitting club going.  The kids can do any kind of yarn craft they choose. Some of our kids weave or do plastic canvass.
    When I was a child, my mother taught me to knit, but now learned to crochet as an adult.   I tell my students that I learn something new every day.
   So with odds and ends of yarn, I began to make baby hats.  Some of the hats are knit while others are crochet.  

    I was inspired by a blogger who makes knit baby hats. 
                    Twenty Something Granny 

This is knit with crochet flowers.
Crochet with knit bow.
     These little bay hats will hopefully find a good home.  They will be donated to Mary's Mantle, a Catholic residential program for homeless expectant women in the Detroit area. Here is the link to Mary's Mantel.

    Use your talents to help others.

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  1. Beautiful work with your hats! Love to hear and see people giving back and helping others!