Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clean Desks

   I'm liking up with Second Grade Sugar and Spice today.

        A clean organized desk can be a wonderful experience for a child or adult as the case may be.  My desk at home is a working mess. Yes, I admit that my desk at school is the same way as the day goes on.  I am really working on it.
       I do have my students clean and organize their own desks weekly whether they need to or not.  We wash our desks at the end of each day with Clorox wipes. The kids can't believe how dirty their desk gets in one day.  Weekly on Friday afternoon, we purge our desks and wipe the inside, sides, and bottom.  All excess papers are recycled and all books, spirals, duo-tangs, and other supplies are neatly placed back in their desks ready to start a new week on Monday.

     A clean desk does equal success!

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School will begin before we know what hit us.

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