Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How Sweet it is!


       Years ago, one of my students, Natalie,  gave me this cute singing bear.  Year after year , he has sat on a self in my classroom watching over my classroom.  When you press his right foot, he sings "How sweet it is to be loved by you!" He also sways back and forth. 
        When I needed my students to line up or get ready quickly, I would make him sing. The kids loved it. It was a great stress reliever.  Some students needed an incentive, so I would say, " We need to do "this" before the bear stops singing".  
       Yesterday, I turned in my school keys for the last time.   I retired after 25 years of teaching. So my little singing bear has come home with me.  He makes me smile and remember all of the students who came to my homeroom. 

Teaching.... How Sweet It Is! 
Enjoy the summer! I will!

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