Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Coffee Creamer Snowmen

Let it SNOW!
                     Today is Snowman Day!!!
 The fifth graders have been saving plastic coffee creamers since September. Our goal today was to transform the ordinary plastic bottles into something very special, individual, and  unique. 

     Using a varied collection of ribbon, buttons, google eyes, pom poms, and who knows what else, the children go to work.

     Each and every snowman is  as individual and unique as its maker.

         When the designing is complete the students fill their snowman with candy, pencils, erasers, money, and some get a toothbrush attached to the outside.

This guy looks like he lives on Sesame Street!
         These darling snowmen will be delivered to a local food pantry.  We hope they will bring joy to the children who receive them.

          I love to do this project with my students. The children begin to understand that they can do something for someone else and have a great time. 

Enjoy the Christmas season.
Merry Christmas 
to all and to all
 a good night! 

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