Tuesday, August 2, 2016

People Search

             At the beginning of the year, usually the first week of school, I like to have my 5th graders have a People Search.  Each student is given a handout.  They need to find classmates to fill each category. They need to find a different person  for each answer.  

       The tricky part for the children is that this activity is a                             SILENT ACTIVITY!  
     The kids soon realize that they need to communicate with each other without talking. Many groans and moans are heard in the room, but soon they are moving around the rooms silently finding needed information.  They are also making some new friends in the process. This is a great ice breaker for the new students in school. 
     We have three 5th grade homerooms.  My teaching partners and I take our 90 some kiddos to the air conditioned cafeteria because it can be very hot the first week of September in Michigan. 
     We give the students about 15 or 20 minutes to mingle and talk. The children are encouraged to ask both boys and girls for their answers. After the kids are finished, I might say,  " Everyone who walks to school, or everyone who has traveled outside of the country,  come stand here" .  Everyone can see what they have in common with others.
Today I linked up with The Whimsical Teacher for Tried and True. Check out all the great ideas.
     I hope you will be able to use this activity in your room.   

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                                              Have a great year!
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